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Futsal World Cup: Thailand want to tie on 2012 (News)
Topic: Thai Futsal National TeamFutsal World Cup Trophy

The futsal object of desire

A few weeks ago, the era of Vic Hermans as coach of the national Futsal team came to end. With a new coach and the Futsal World Cup around the corner, Thailand wants to build on his and Hermans success of the 2012 World Cup.

Back, that time the Thais were hosting the World Cup and were able to advance to the knock-out stage for the first time in their history. Thailand was hopelessly inferior to eventual vice champion Spain in the round of the last 16 and they have lost the game 1-7. But throughout the match, the mood inside the venue was absolutely fantastic. About 6,000 fans pushed and shouted the team to the consolation goal. After the final whistle, they cheered their side as if Thailand would have been crowned world champion. Now, four years later, Thailand wants to build on his first knockout stage at a Futsal World Cup. With a new coach whose name is Miguel Rodrigo and who follows Vic Hermans.

Road to Russia 2018: Hope dies last for Thailand (News)
Topic: Thai National TeamCharyl Chappuis

Is back: Charyl Chappuis

On Thursday the AFC's final stage of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup is going to kick off. And for the first time since 2002, Thailand is part of it. Although the euphoria is very high, Thailand's men's team could qualify for a World Cup for the first time, hope is easy on.

Too much are the two big nations of Japan and Australia the Favorites to go to Russia. And also the schedule is not really in favour with the Thais. Sure, it could have got even worse. But three away games against Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the Iraq doesn't look like a promising start. Plus the two home games against the two favourites in September and November.

A rusty title defence (News)
Topic: Thai women's national teamSpencer Prior

The new boss: Spencer Prior

If your rest, you rust. As the phrase goes.The Thai women's national team just recently disproved this wise saying and have won the AFF Championship back to back. Not enough, even with a new man on the touchline.

2015 was one of the most successful years in history for the women's side of the Thai Association. They have won the AFF Championship for the second time and have played the women's World Cup for the first with a historic win over Ivory Coast. The botched participation in the third round to Rio 2016, not much changed it. That was in September 2015 and it was followed by the resignation of coach Nuengruethai Sathongwien and team manager Madam Pang.

New ticket provider for the final World Cup qualifying round (News)
Topic: Thai National TeamForth Smart

Forth Smart

It won't be long until the final round of the World Cup qualifier is going to kick off. And with it the run for the coveted tickets for Thailand's home games. First and foremost for the two ties against Japan (September) and Australia (November). But the time-tested ticket provider "Thai Ticket Major" had its day.

"Forth Smart" is the name of the company which has won the tender of the Thai FA for the distribution of the tickets for all four home games of the final round. According to his own account, the E-payment provider is in the business for eight years and deals with almost 2 million transactions per day and is represented nationwide. TTM also applied for the tender but was not awarded a contract. Which is very unfortunate.

World Cup and Asian Cup - In mind or with eye on (News)
Topic: Thai National TeamCartoon from Wat

image: Wats Toon

The World Cup 2018 in mind and an eye toward the Asian Cup 2019. Or even vice versa. It might depend on the angle of view. But at the bottom line, the result is the same. For the first time since over a decade Thailand is back among Asia's elite. And will be there for the next three years at least.

At the moment when Abdulrahman Al-Jassimden blew his whistle for the last time into the evening night of Teheran on the 23 March, the surprise was perfect. Although Iraq just scored seconds ago before the final whistle, to draw 2-2 with Thailand, it could not alter the fact: Without defeat, Thailand secured winning of Group F and qualified for the 2019 Asian Championships and the final qualifying round to the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

AFF Suzuki Cup - Group A (Philippines)

19 - 25 November
-   Indonesia 4-2
-   Singapore 1-0
-   Thailand 0-1

semi-final - 4 / 8 December 2016
-   Thailand 0-2

-   Myanmar -:-

3rd round WC Qualification - Group B

15 November 2016 - Rajamangala Stadium
-   Australia 2-2

Thai Premier League

season end

Thai Divison One

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Regional League
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