2010 Thai FA Cup - All set for the big final

Thai League Cup and FA Cup

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Muang Thong United against Chonburi FC. That's the pair for the 2010 Thai Fa Cup final this Sunday. The second FA Cup final in modern times of Thai football could become a classic.

The final between those both will mark the real highlight and the real end of the 2010 season. Considering that the two best clubs from the recent years will face each other, it is a worthy finish. It is not only a match you fight for a prize money of 1 ,5 Million Baht, League Cup winner Thai Port got 5 Million last weekend, it is also about pride and prestige.

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However, the final may mean more to both clubs than what we mentioned before. Muang Thong, the old and new Thai Premier League champion is having the chance to win a double. For Chonburi it is a must win, if they want to play on continental level next year. At the beginning of the season the rule was set. The FA Cup winner will earn a spot in the AFC Cup. Nevertheless it looks like that nobody within the FA thought about what may happen in case of a double. At the end of the season the FA just cam out to declare that in case of a double, the league runners up will get the spot in the AFC Cup and actually that is Buriram-PEA FC. That caused a big upset within the Chonburi supporters and not only there. Following the logic, the spot should be awarded to the to each of the two finalists. No matter who will win it in the end. A few people may smell some influence in the background in regards to the decision the FA did made. From a neutral point of few, it could add some more spice to the final, as only the winner gets everything.

As we mentioned earlier, the match could become a classic but you shouldn't neglect a few other facts. Just 3 days after the final, Thailand will kick off his AFF Suzuki Cup campaign. The most important and biggest tournament in the region. Are the players bear that in mind? The 2010 season was a really long one with a lot of matches for both sides. The players may tired. On the field there will be not less than the half AFF Cup squad will be seen. Does some of the players like to risk an injury?

A scene from the league match

During the last two weeks, Muang Thong was able to rest and train only. Even though that is not valid for all them. Five players were in action until Friday a week ago, representing Thailand at the 2010 Asian Games. One of them was Kawin Thamsatchanan, Thailands Number 1 goalkeeper. During a training session he was injured on his right hand and will be out for the next three months. He will be missed as well as Christian Kouakou who is ruled out. Kone Mohammed will play his last match for Muang Thong before he move to Belgium side KV Mechelen. For sure it will boost him, not only because of his last match for the club, but also having the chance to play against his former club Chonburi once again. With Chonburi FC he was crowned Thai Champion in 2007.

While the current Thai Champion took his break, Chonburi remained in action. The club management decided to accept an offer to participate the BTV Cup in Vietnam which started on 19 November. By fortune Chonburi was kicked out of the tournament at an early stage. However mostly the second string was on the pitch and no big injuries are reported. The only player to be missed is Ney Fabiano. He is ruled out as well as his pendant on the other side Christian.

About 17.000 tickets are handed out for the final. Each side got 7.000 of them and they were sold out within a short time. Even though the Suphachalasai Stadium can hold up to around 21.000, a few gate's will left empty to separate the fans. A few hundred neutral tickets can be purchased at the boxes right before the match. For all others, who may not have been able to grab a ticket, the match will be shown on a big screen outside the stadium.

Kick off is at 16:00 Thai time and the match can be watched on Channel 7 in Thai TV. At least for the availability of an online stream, that is one of the worst you can have. There is nearly no stream available in the net for that channel.
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