2010 AFF Suzuki Cup - Thailand facing an early exit

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Thailand is facing an early exit for the second time in AFF Cup history after a shocking poor and disappointing performance against Malaysia. A totally uninspired match resulted in a draw. Thailand even was lucky to come away with that.

As expected, Rosbon made some changes in the line up, bringing in players he rested in the first match. Nataporn Phanrit and Panupong Wongsa were at center back postion, while Datsakorn Thonglao started for Therdsak Chaiman. Teeratep Winothai was left on the bench and Teerasil Dangda took his place up front.

Thailand started the match in a usual manner, controlling the ball and the game. Early chances came up but there wasn't really much of a danger for the Laos goalkeeper. 0-0 at half time and they more time passed they more the Thais were running out ideas. Thus resulted in trying to play the ball thought the middle and shots from wide range. Looking at the sideline, Bryan Robson looked helpless. Surely in most of the cases a coach can't do that much from the line, but at least you may could show a different body language. It even wonder that Robo didn't brought in any new player until 77 minute. However, it wasn't someone who could help to inspire the team. With Keerati Keawsombat a striker came in and his strength are in the air. Somehow it paid off as the Thais now played a bit better and the biggest chance of the game came three minutes later when Datsakorn flicked the ball into the box and Sarayuut got his chance. Although the Laos goalkeeper denied it, not for the first time of the night.

With five minutes to play, veteran midfielder Therdsak Chaiman was substituted for Datsakorn. But it all was too late and he couldn't help to break the deadlock. Malaysia always relied on the counters and right before the end of the match they even had the chance to win the match.

Under the bottom line, we are left with a disappointing performance. It was clearly to see that most of the players are really tired. So there isn't that much you can blame to the players or the coaches. With a decent preparation and a rest of about two to four weeks ahead of the campaign, things might look different now.

After Indonesia edged Laos by 6-0, Thailand is facing an early exit. However things are far from being over. A win against Indonesia in the last match would mean the semi final. Even in case of a loss, they could advance. But therefore Laos and Malaysia must draw.

Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool - Suree Sukha, Nataporn Phanrit, Panupong Wongsa, Natthaphong Samana - Datsakorn Thonglao (Therdsak Chaiman, 85), Suchao Nuchnum, Sutee Suksomkit (Keerati Keawsombat, 77.), Phichitphong Choeichiu - Sarayuut Chaikamdee, Teerasil Dangda

Khairul Fahmi - Mohd Asraruddin, Mohd Asraruddin, Norshahrul Idlan, Mohd Safee, Amar Bin Rohidan, Kunanlan Subramaniam, Mahalli Bin Jasuli, Mohd Amirulhadi, Mohamad Muslim, Mohamad Fadhli

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