2015 season fixtures long in coming

Thai League 1 Floodlights


Five weeks to go until the first matchday of the Thai Premier League and Division 1 is kicking off. Although the overall schedule for the year 2015 stands and the fixtures are drawn, the ties are not

The TPL has never been so fast. Already at the middle of December, eight weeks ahead of the kick-off to the new season, the fixture draw took place for the Thai Premier League and Division 1. But that was it. There are no kick-off times or any dates for the ties fixed yet. And it certainly will take another one or two weeks until everything is set. Primarily for two reasons.

One reason is the venues. Until Friday last week all clubs had time to announce their home venues for the coming season. Or at least for the first leg. Already since the last year it is known that the TPL is going to tighten its rules regarding the floodlight standards in 2015. Thus it is necessary for Thai Premier League teams to have a venue which can provides a minimum of 1200 Lux and Division 1 sides need to have a light that can provides 800 Lux. Because some venues do not correspond in line to the new standards of the league, panic broke out amongst certain clubs just short before the deadline. Just as no one would not have known this for a long time.

These problem children are TPL newbie Saraburi FC as well as Sukhothai FC, Thai Honda FC, Pattaya United and Ayutthaya FC in Division 1. Ayutthaya has sent a written request to the TPL to be allowed to play the Thammasat Stadium, which is also home to Police United. Though this would be against the league rules, per league per team only one stadium, but it is to be expected that one will turn a blind eye to this application. Meanwhile hopes are high in the ancient city that floodlights are back to normal with the second leg of the season.

Saraburi FC is planning to put up additional spotlight. But just there, the problem is known for a while. Osotspa Saraburi had to move away from Saraburi last year on account of the not sufficient light and had to play its home games at the Rajamangala in Bangkok. Thai Honda will move away from their home, KMITL Stadium, and share the 72-years Anniversary Stadium with BEC Tero in Minburi for the 2015 season. A real bother actually with the club seemed to have built up a small fanbase around the Lat Krabang area recently.

The other reason for the delay is the owner of the broadcasting rights "True". They couldn't be bothered about the kick-off times yet apparently. Or haven't progressed much with thinking process.

The same is true for the Regional League. Though she should start at the middle of February, up to yesterday nothing was known about the date for the draw, how the Divisions are going to look like and what teams are to enter the league in 2015. However, it was announced just this Monday, that everything will be set on 21 February. Means, all 84 teams are known by then and the draw should take place.

With the exact meetings are not certain yet, because of venues and kickoff times, and to save us double work, schedules are not to be find on our webpage right now. As soon as everything is home and dry, we will make all fixtures available as soon as possible.
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