2011 Thai Premier League season schedule released

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I think as we mentioned already somewhere before, the new season schedule was released by the league yesterday. Season to be start on 12 February and is scheduled to end on 2 October 2011.

The first matchday on weekend 12/13 February, will not see all clubs in action. At least not in the league. Defending league champion Muang Thong will have to kick his first round AFC Champions League qualifier match against Sriwijaya FC on 12 February. While day later, League Cup winner Thai Port FC will have to play against Shonan Bellmare from Japan. The three promoted sides, Sriracha FC, Khon Kaen FC and Chiang Rai United, all will be able to kick off their 2011 campaign at home.

A so called "big match" can be seen just on the second weekend, when Bangkok Glass will have to face Muang Thong United. All things can be come down to wire on the last two rounds of the season with big matches. Chonburi will have to travel to the Yamaha stadium and host Bangkok Glass just a week later, while the champion will travel to Pattaya.

We already translated the schedule so far and is available online. Nevertheless, we do need to make some comments to it. The schedule so far is just a rough schedule, showing the fixtures on each matchday. Final kick-off times and days, will be adjusted and fixed by the league on a later date. At least we assume that. That means that fixtures later will be amended to Saturday and Sunday. Only midweek fixtures, as in the schedule should be remain as seen. Kick-off times are also formal and will be amended depending on TV schedule and flood lights criteria.

For the time being our list shows only the 1st leg of the season, even though the league released the whole season schedule. We will add the 2nd leg later on.

At the end just a few words regarding two clubs. Until now it is not certain under which Name TOT-Cat FC will play throughout the season. Rajnavy Rayong FC, was renamed Siam Navy Club.
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