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A Foursquare like App for stadium visitors (News)
Topic: Off the pitch - ReportLogo Groundhopper App

Groundhopper App start screen

If you ever where looking for an application on your mobile devices with its help you could register all your visited games and stadiums, and is helpful to guide you to the venues near you, this one could be made for you.

"It is so much fun to make a App which we use ourselves, but also because we get a lot of praise from our users." We, those are Lars Erik Bolstad and Geir Florhaug of Kepermat, two Norwegians who are behind the application "Groundhopper". Now, one could assume that both are young Nerds, somewhere at the age between 20 and 30. Or own one of those young and fancy start-ups. Neither of this applies to the two. Both are schoolfellows and now in their mid-40's. The App is a pure hobby project and they got the idea to it 2-3 years ago.

The ABC of Thai Football - The Amateurs (News)
Topic: Off the pitch - ReportKor Cup

98 years old: The Kor Royal Cup
image: © Thananuwat Srirasant

Thailand's league system as it is today is presumably familiar to most of you dear readers. But how has it originated, how has it changed, and above all what is with amateur football? We followed these questions for you.

The history of Thai football is full of secrets and riddles. For outsiders just as much as insiders. Whereas in European football where any statistics of the past 100 years are handed to you on a silver platter, one needs to dig deep for many things concerning Thai football. If one get his teeth into it on a daily basis, there are almost always new things to discover. This, of course, makes the whole thing very exciting on one hand, but can be confusing at times on the other hand.

A visit to Thailand's ancient place of Thai football (News)
Topic: Off the pitch - ReportFootball museum Thailand

The home of Thai Football
image: ©

England has one, Japan has one and even Thailand already has what Germany will only have from 2014: a national football museum. So stunning it may be that the German Football Association will only have such a museum from next year; the more we were amazed that there is such a place in Thailand. So we were bound to visit it.

Certainly the "Museum of Siam Football", as it is called, doesn’t compare with those in England, Japan or the upcoming one in Germany. But along with the area on which it is located, it seems to be unique in its setup and is worth a trip now we have discovered it. Surprisingly, the historical centre of Thai football is not located in Bangkok where the association was founded 97 years ago – also not in our office where the amount of collector items grows steadily – but a good hour’s drive to the west of the metropolis in the contemplative Nakhon Pathom, which is better known for the tallest Buddhist temple in the world.

What is football - The slightly different answer (News)
Topic: Off the pitch - ReportSuphachalasai

image: ©

There are videos and there are videos. Just now, in the times in which the discontent about the leaders of Thai football becomes louder. The one we are going to write about today, is one we hold for a special.

Sompong Soleb works his way through the middle of the park, pass on to Jakkraphan Kaewprom, he swings in a cross and Teerasil Dangda who is lurking in the penalty area is puts the ball in the net.... Goal. Thailand is one up over Australia. The voice of the commentator falls silent, the tone grows pale and becomes black-and-white. A voice sounds from the background. These are the beginnings scene from a video entitled with "What is football?" At first, and not least by the resemblance of the voice with the goal scorer from the Australia game, one believes Teerasil, tells about what football means to him. However, far from it. The five minute clip turns out to be one of the best made recently, reflecting on the current situation of Thai football.

Thailand's national training centre - A million baht grave (News)
Topic: Off the pitch - Reportsmall shield training centre

A small shield pointing the way
image: ©

Since the Goal programme has been launched by FIFA president Sepp Blatter in 1999, it has provided support for over 500 development projects across the world. One project financed, is the national training centre of Thailand, erected in the outskirts of Bangkok. We visited the place, and we were shocked.

Brought to life in 1999 by Sepp Blatter, the goal programme provides funds for member's association of FIFA to realise constructions to speed up the development of the football in the respective country. To say it with FIFA - we quote: " help build national association headquarters, training academies and artificial and grass pitches. In doing so it has responded to the FIFA President’s primary objective of giving national associations with the least resources the infrastructures they need to carry out their work."

AFF Suzuki Cup - semi finals

1 December 2018
Malaysia - Thailand


2 December 2018
Phillippines - Vietnam

5 December 2018
Thailand - Malaysia
6 December 2018
Vietnam - Phillippines

Thai League - matchday 33

3 October 2018
Prachuap FC
- Suphanburi FC

Bangkok Glass
- Ubon UMT

Chainat FC


Bangkok United

N. Ratchasima
- Chiang Rai Utd

Air Force
- Buriram Utd

Navy FC
- Police Tero

Port FC
- Chonburi FC

Ratchaburi FC
- Sukhothai FC

Muang Thong
- Pattaya Utd


Thai League 2 - matchday 30

29 September 2018

Rayong FC -   PTT Rayong 0-2
Khon Kaen FC -   Chiang Mai FC 2-2
Samut Sakhon FC -   Ang Thong FC 3-3
Udon Thani FC -   Krabi FC 4-2
Sisaket FC -   Kasetsart FC 2-0
Trat FC -   Thai Honda 2-1
Nong Bua -   Army United 1-1

Thai League 3 - matchday 24
11 August - 12 August 2018
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