Third Kor Royal Cup title for Chonburi FC

Kor Royal Cup

Thananuwat Srirasant

After 2008 and 2009, Chonburi won the Kor Ryoal Cup for a third time and can be called Kor Royal Cup record title champion.

While Channel 7 was broadacasting the match live, Siam Sport re-run the Thai FA Cup final from last November. If you are not familiar with both clubs, you could think to see a live broadcast on Siam Sport. Only regular followers might have see the different between the match from last November and last weekend. Not only the final result was a copy of last years Thai FA Cup final, the course of the game was too.

However, a different could be seen in the line-up at least. Over all, five new signings on both sides made it into the starting eleven. Zesh Rehman, Issoufou Boubacar Garba and Weera Koedpudsa for Muang Thong. Japanese new signing Kazuto Kushida  and Anucha Kitpongsri for Chonburi.

Right from the start of the match, both side found it difficult to find a way into the box. Muang Thong was trying to set up the play over the wings, but Chonburi was the more aggressive side and won most of the tackles. After 17 minutes Chonburi had the best effort when midfielder Therdsak Chaiman came close with his free-kick hitting the bar.

Zesh Rehman
Thananuwat Srirasant

The two sides went into cabins goal less and the Sharks finally broke the deadlock in the 65th minute when Suree Sukha banged the ball home after Dagno Siaka cleared off the line. Chonburis defender Suree isn't really known for scoring much goals and so he celebrated his goal in style with a somersault. Muang Thong tried to put on some pressure, without being really dangerous. With five minutes to go in regular time, Chonburi made it 2-0. Eventually Man of the Match Ekaphan Inthasen, who was rumoured to BEC-Tero over the past weeks, showed some good ball control picking off a pass from Cholratit Jantakam and converted. Weera Koedpudsa, replacing Kawin Thamsatchanan between the posts, didn't looked really well on that scene. Weera, by the way was without his usual coloured blond hair, and from the TV you really could think Kawin was on the pitch. Nevertheless, Kawin may would have saved that ball. A goal from Christian Kouakou in the 88 minute of the game, brought some hope to the fellows of Muang Thong. But Chonburi was to able to bring the match home, and finally lift the trophy for a third time.

A few words about Zesh Rehman, highly rated new signing for the defending Thai Champion. He started as left back and doesn't really looked comfortable all the time. It looked like he performed better by going forward rather than defending. He might could be doing better playing on his usual position as centre back. Rehman wasn't really good that day, even though having some good positioning. He could be a valuable adding to the club anyway.

Apirak Onrak was the referee of the match. It was the same lad who was punched by the Nakhon Pathom staff after the relegation match between the club and Sisaket FC a few weeks ago. We often criticize the Association and the TPL, however in that case we have to put our thumbs up. To give Apirak Onrak the opportunity on such a stage to come back as referee is class.

At last one word on our own account. With this article we are glad to announce a cooperation between and Thananuwat Srirasant, a professional photographer. Thananuwat, nickname Joke (it isn't really one), was impressed by our work and offered us to use his pictures for free under his copyright. As we were impressed by his work too, we couldn't do other than just to agree.

Muang Thong: Weera Koedpudsa (TW), Prakasit Sansook (Pichitphong Choeichiu, 78) Panupong Wongsa, Nattaporn Phanrit, Zesh Rehman, Datsakorn Thonglao (Anon Sangsanoi, 71), Issoufou Boubacar Garba (Jakkraphan Pornsai, 85.), Ali Diarra, Dagno Siaka, Christian Kouakou, Teerasil Dangda Trainer: Carlos Roberto de Carvalho

Chonburi: Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool (TW), Suree Sukha, Suttinan Phuk-hom, Cholratit Jantakam, Anucha Kitpongsri, Ekaphan Inthasen (Kriangkhai Pimrat, 90+4), Kazuto Kushida, Natthaphong Samana, Therdsak Chaiman, Adul Lahso, Pipob On-Mo (Ney Fabiano, 74) Trainer: Withaya Laohakul

Tore: 0-1 Suree Sukha (68), 0-2 Ekaphan Inthasen (85), 1-2 Christian Kouakou (88)


author: lokomotive & esgedee
pictures: Thananuwat Srirasant
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