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Teerasil Dangda
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In January Teerasil Dangda trained with Atletico Madrid for three weeks. Now he get's the chance to prove himself for a second time and unexpectedly said goodbye to his fans on Sunday at SCG Stadium.

Last Sunday's match against Chainat FC may have been the last for Teerasil Dangda in the jersey of Muang Thong United for now. As the club announced shortly after the match on his official web page, the prolific striker is on his move to Spain and should be lent to Atletico Madrid. At the beginning of the year Teerasil already had trained with the Spanish top club and from originally planned two weeks, his stay was extended to three. However, Atletico coach Diego Simeone, so was to be heard at that time, doesn't became a big fan of the Thai national striker.

The fact that Teerasil may travel now once more to Madrid he might have to owe primarily to the negotiations between the two executive floors. Both clubs are partners since two years. Thus one has probably looked for a solution which is satisfyingly for both sides, and without big risk. After the international on 15 November against Iran, at the very latest after the match against Kuweit on 19, Teerasil should travel to Madrid. At first he will just train with Atletico and with the opening of the transfer window in Spain in January he should join the 9-times Spanish champion on loan. So far the plan.

For the very much likely case that he should not succeed grabbing one of the foreign player spots for the second half of the season with Atletico, both sides have agreed on a "backdoor". Atletico Madrid is entitled to loan Teerasil out. But only within the Primera Division. With which an appearance in the second team of the Spanish side might be excluded. It is reported clubs like Getafe and Rayo Vallecano could have already an evince interest in him. For how long Teerasil should be lent to Spain is not exactly known yet.

After the end of the season in Thailand and with the forthcoming internationals, and his move to Spain's capital ahead, Teerasil's hard slog goes on. His amount of work over the past months hardly can't be rephrased. On the heels of the Season 2012 followed the AFF Suzuki Cup. Then he went to Madrid in January as mentioned. Hardly back, the preparation for the season 2013 with the early start in the Champions League followed for the 25-year-old. Despite of the physical load, Dangda went through the year almost free of injury and scored 15 goals in the recently finished Thai Premier League season. Nevertheless, at training with Atletico he will have to step up if he want to see his dream come through.

But for this week all eyes are directed on Thailand's Messi. Chanathip Songkrasin, whose legs reminiscent more of Pierre Littbarski rather then of Barcelona's world star after whom he is dubbed, is on trial with Japanese J-League side Shimizu S-Pulse since Monday this week. With pleasure the Japanese would have like to test the BEC Tero winger for whole four weeks. But apparently the "holy cow", respectively the mission of winning the Gold Medal at the SEA-Games in December with Thailand's U-23, enjoys priority and Chanathip must report to the U23 camp next week.

According to BEC-Tero manager Robert Procureur, Bundesliga Dino Hamburg has contacted him recently and would like to invite Chanathip to  train with the club after the end of the Bundesliga season 2013/14. Because the new Thai Premier League season to be already in full swing by then and a season break only planned for September, we wait tensely, provided that the interest of HSV affirms, whether Messi J can receive the clearance of his club.
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