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Sisaket FC Esan United Sisaket FC which could play only three games so far this season is likely to face enforced relegation, said Thai Premier League president Vichit Yamboonruang just recently.

The Thai Premier League is already in the second half of the season and Sisaket FC has just played three fixtures so far this season. All this following an injunction earlier this year coming by an ownership dispute. Under strange circumstances the ownership of Sisaket FC changed at the end of 2011 and the club moved to Ubon Ratchathani. Associated with a name change to Esan United. Fans of Sisaket protested throughout the whole season and the former owners which they felt betrayed undertook legal action. A few weeks ahead of the 2013 season, the court decided in favour of the old owners. The club moved back to Sisaket FC and played three games. And of course it led to the fact that the owners of Esan United in turn went to court.

After the second round Thai FA Cup tie between Sisaket and Bangkok FC has been ruled in favour of the Bangkok based club, TPL chairman Vichit Yamboonruang now came out with a statement in regards how the league would handle the case.

Vichit said that it looks unlikely that Sisaket will be able to compete again this season. The TPL cannot find space in the schedule and has also to consider each TPL team's cup fixtures. Most TPL teams would be also unwilling to have more mid-week games.

"Given Sisaket's inability to play, we have no choice but to demote them to Division One next season. We might nullify the results of three matches they played, but we have to consider this matter again in order to ensure fairness for every team," said Vichit.

The clubs affected by a possible nullifying would be: Chainat FC, Songkhla United and Muang Thong United. If the last years champion would have deducted three points, Buriram would be five points clear. And with head-to-head counts over goal difference, we might see the showdown for the title in four weeks time (11 August).

Even if the court should come to a decision very soon, and even if the league kept open a return of Sisaket FC, the club has absolutely no players which he could line up. Since a large part moved away to Sisaket United and the rest moved out to other teams. Besides, the transfer period ends at the end of July and also players can only be registered with the league for the 2nd half of the season, until end of this month.

With an enforced relegation of the club, the TPL would face another problem and shouldn't waste too much time to come out with a solution. In October the Regional League will start its play-offs to Division One and of course promoted and relegated sides of TPL and Division One presumably want planning certainty.

At the end the question remains what will happen if the league should finally decide to demote the club, the owners of Esan United are adjudicate and they in turn sue the league. Because of the enforced relegation.

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