Same procedure as every year for Chonburi and Thai Port

Thai League 1

Like in good old times:
Jadet and Wittaya
Thananuwat Srirasant

Two games from round 1 of the Thai Premier League could be seen on last weekend. Chonburi celebrated their home premiere in the OBD Stadium while Sisaket found Siam Navy. The third match scheduled for that weekend between Khon Kaen and Osotpsa is postponed to 5 March and the right to play at home is switched.

Khon Kaen should have start his first season in the Thai Premier League with the match against Osotspa at the Mahasarakham University Stadium. In the middle of last week, pitch and stadium were inspected by the officials. As a conclusion, the match had to be postponed. Because it looked like nobody on Khon Kaen side took care of the stadium or the pitch in order to prepare it for the first season match.

Even three days ahead of the game, the green was not even cut. So than we will see the two remaining fixtures of round one on 5 March 2011 when defending champion Muang Thong will kick-off its campaign and Osotspa will have to host Khon Kaen.

Chonburi FC - Thai Port FC

Same procedure as every year for Chonburi despite switching the stadium. OBD is the new home of the sharks now. The stadium was undergoing renovation since 2009 and Chonburi was in good hope to use it during the 2010 season which didn't happen. However, now the time has come. The OBD is able to host less people than the IPE, which is really a pity. Especially for such big matches like last Saturday. Sold out 1,5 hour before kick-off and most probably a lot of more tickets could had been sell.

The atmosphere seemed to be even better and more intimidate than in the IPE and Chonburi's new season kicked-off within just two minutes in the game. Alef Poh-Ji was awarded a yellow card after he was nearly decapitating Anucha Kitspongsri. Chonburi's "Methuselah" Therdsak Chaiman floated the following free kick into the box. It was harmless but  Munze Ulrich was not able to grab the ball in a proper way, and the ball slithered through his hands. His reaction wasn't quick enough as the ball somehow found it's way to Pipob On-Mo who just pushed it in. A clear mistake by Munze, who considerably is on of the better goalkeepers in the league. After the departure of "5-yard Joe" Sarayuut Chaikamdee, Thai Port didn't made so much changes in regards to their tactical scheme. The visitors started in a 4-5-1 and Sompong Soleb had to fill Sarayuuts place up front. Right at the beginning of the second half, Arthit Sunthornpit on Chonburi side was replaced by new arrival Darko Rakocevic. Arthit was tough to spot on the pitch, since he got a haircut and was without his remarkable headband. He didn't played really well and maybe he should get back his remarkable look.

As well as in the first half, the second half saw both sides on level. Considering the loss of quality players Thai Ports had during the off-season and the recent trouble around the club, a good achievement. At least the statistic was with Port at the end. It showed 14-7 shots on goal and 2-0 corners for the visitors. In the 66 minute Scotsman Steven Robb was brought in and gave his league debut, just to see his new team slipping down to two. Another free-kick from Therdsak was setting up the 2nd goal. Suttinan Phukhom headed the cross on the bar, Munze just could tip it for corner. Instead the ball bounced back and Kazuto Kushida found the net. Munze was claiming for offside. Even though it was a mistake by him lead to the goal, he was right. Kushida was clearly offside.

Chonburi won by 2-0 and things remain the same for both sides like last year and the years before. The host won their season opener by nill like last year. And Thai Port lost their season opener, like in the years before. Latter maybe could be a good sign for the Lions.

Chonburi FC: Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool, Suree Sukha, Suttinan Phuk-hom, Arthit Sunthornpit (Darko Rakocevic, 46), Ekaphan Inthasen, Pipob On-Mo (Vladimir Ribic, 75), Anucha Kitpongsri, Therdsak Chaiman, Adul Lahso (Kriangkhai Pimrat, 80), Kazuto Kushida, Cholratit Jantakam
Thai Port FC: Munze Ulrich, Swa Moise, Mario da Silva, Worawut Wangsawad, Mongkol Namnuad, Ekkapoom Potharungroj, Jirawat Makarom, Sompong Soleb (Sarawut Kongjareon, 77), Alef Poh-Ji, Kiatjarern Ruangparn (Steven Robb, 66), Ekkachai Sumrei (Jacob Aikhionbare)
Goals: 1-0 Pipob On-Mo (2), 2-0 Kazuto Kushida (72)

Sisaket FC - FC Siam Navy FC

Second match of the day saw two sides are candidates for relegation battle in the just started season. Despite that, the Stadium in Sisaket was packed. Overall it was to bee seen that there is still some spanner in the works of both sides. It didn't make wonder, as both lined-up a lot of new signings. Taken the 90 minutes, Sisaket was the better side with better chances and deserved a win. But came away with just one point. Curious, the Navy had to replace three players because of injury. All within a 15 minutes distance. Jerry Amara debut went short when he had be exchanged in the 16 minute. Panuwat Kongchan was next after half an hour and Navy's goalkeeper Chinnakorn Deesai didn't came back for the second half.

Anuwat Sornchai, who replaced Panuwat Kongchan marked the leading goal for the visitors just 7 minutes after he entered the pitch. Navy intercepted an attack from Siskaet in their half and after some quick inter passing Anuwat converted Olof Watson's header. Watson was under contract with Osotspa during the second half of the last season. Sisaket's equaliser came just minutes later, in the first minute of injury time. The goals was a result of clearing the ball in the box and a ricochet shot.

Sisaket FC: Watcharapong Klahan, Suphan Hardkam, Pralong Sawandee, Issarapong Lilakorn, Wuttichai Tathong, Prachya Hong-In, Piyawat Thongman, Praison Huntaweechai, Emmanuel Frimpong, Victor Amaro, James Dissiramah
Siam Navy: Chinnakorn Deesai (Chaiyaporn Uttamarat, 46), Chanatawat Srisuk, Kusol Pengphol, Supachai Kamsab, Olof Watson, Jerry Amara (Seksan Chaothonglang, 16), Christian Ayew Egba, Adu Gyamfi, Maroot Dokmalipar, Panuwat Kongchan (Anuwat Sornchai, 30)
Goals: 0-1 Anuwat Sornchai (37), 1-1 Piyawat Thongman (45+1)
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