Road to Canada - Off to Holland for 4 weeks

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Off to the Holland for 4 weeks

There is no doubt, 2015 marks the most important year in the history for Thaiand's women's national team with its first ever participation at a World Cup. We have summarised the details of the preparation of the team, their "Road to Canada", as far as we know it of now.

The time after the Asia Games in September until now meant nothing else as business as usual for the women's national team. Training, training and training. Mostly in form of spending hours in the weight room and fitness units on the field. Any serious friendlies or tests during this time? No. However, right now, all players are enjoy a New Year holiday break before they have to report for the next period of training at the Rajamangala next week. A final one before the team will head to Europe for a lengthy camp. It is organized with the help of Futsal national teams coach Vic Hermans and we are glad to provide you with some exclusive information about the trip.

For four weeks, from 2 February to 2 March, Thailand will stay in the Netherlands and will have his camp based in Maastricht. With the major highlight to follow early on. In the first week Thailand will face the Netherlands. Same as Thailand, the Dutch could qualify for the World Cup for the first time.

Further tests are planned against PSV/FC Eindhoven and Standard Lige. However, there are no dates fixed yet for the two games. Both teams play in the BeNe League, like the name already says, a league of Belgian and Dutch teams. It is the highest tier of women's club football of both countries. Where the men's football teams of PSV and FC are bitter town rivals, there is in area of co-operation between the two clubs in the field of women's football since the founding of PSV/FC Eindhoven in 2012. The women's team of Standard Lige currently is leading the pace of the BeNe League.

Beside these aforementioned meetings, three more games are at the planning stage. But no opponent confirmed or found yet. One of the three fixtures should be against a team from Germany. Geographically and being based in Maastricht only the following German Bundesliga clubs would come into question for this game. FCR Duisburg, Bayer Leverkusen, SGS Essen and 2nd Bundesliga sides VfL Bochum, Alemannia Aachen and 1. FC Kln.

Back at home, a tournament with four other nations are planned in Thailand to be held in April. Cameroon, Australia, China and Sweden are in consideration and/or are invited. All this of course under the premise to simulate Thailand's group opponent in June, Norway, Germany and the Ivory Coast.

For the first two weeks of May the AFF has put the ASEAN-Championship in Vietnam on the calendar. Thailand were drawn in Group A together with the Matildas from Down Under, Laos and Indonesia. If Thailand makes it to the semis, they are most likely to face their old rivals, Myanmar or Vietnam. With the tournament played four weeks ahead of the World Cup, it may be easily doubted whether the tournament a) takes place and b) if so, whether Thailand would send his A-Eleven.

Australia, also playing at the FIFA's premier competition would send an under-23, under-21 or under-19 anyway, like in the past. Thai FA Boss Worawi Makudi, who is also part of the AFF council, just recently realised that the SEA-Games in June do collide with the with qualifiers to the men's World Championship in Russia. So did he here as well?

This schedule of Thailand's road to the World Cup in June is surely not complete and fixed in detail. But unfortunately means one thing. No domestic league again. And 2015, sadly, will mark the third year in a row of no female club competition. How the gap should be closed to the Top-5 in Asia and new talents for the future could to be discovered without any domestic league, not to talk about necessary match practice is beyond us.
But we are certain - the persons responsible - know what is the best for female football in Thailand.
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