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What Greg reported in his blog during this weekend, seems to be official now. René Desaeyere, till now head coach of the reigning Thai champion Muang Thong seems to be sacked.

The separation between both parties is really surprising and a shock to the fans of Muang Thong United. About a year ago the 63-year old Belgium just signed a two year contract with the Thai Champ. He lead the club to a successful national title defence. He even managed to lead the squad to the final of the Thai FA Cup and the semi-final of the 2010 AFC Cup.

At the end of last week René returned from his vacation in Belgium just to be back on the practise field. Short after that it seems he was presented with a fait accompli. As reason for sacking him the club informed that he want to take a step further in developing the team. Apparently there was not that much trust in the former coach anymore to do so. General Manager Ronnarit Seu-vaja "He took the team to the title defence in the Thai Premier League last season. We need the credit to him. But we want to make a change to make the team better. All this doesn't mean that he is not a good coach though."

Team manager Robert Procureur will act as caretaker, until a new coach is found. René will receive compensation for the rest of his contract and is free to look for a new club.

As a fan it wasn't that easy to like him. You were against him or you loved him. His approach on the touchline created different reactions within the fans. However, he always patronised his lads on the pitch as the following story tells. During an AFC Cup home match the opposition coach moved to the touchline to shout abuse at a young player. Rene sprang up and walked slowly towards the coach, pointing to his own eyes and then to his ("Say that to my face!") . The opposition coach sat down and didn't repeat his offence again. likes to wish René Desaeyere al the best for his future and we like to thank him what he does for Thai football.
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