Our 1st anniversary - Happy Birthday

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Time has passed, to be more precise a year has passed. On 20 October 2009 went online for the first time.

But before we are start to celebrate ourselves, we would like to address the most important thing. We would like to thank all our valuable readers  and all other persons somehow involved with us. It includes all the lads from the English speaking community, but also people like Hans R. Emser, Peter Laeng, Douglas Cobo, Michael Byrne and Pongsakorn Tantajanya...just to name a few.

Personally, I would like to thank Marko Pohl, the invisible man in the background, who kicked my ass last year to realize this website. Our unrestless local reporter esgede and Willi Schanz, who is reporting from Pattaya United for us.

Time for celebration. Happy Birthday, let's start the adulation.

When we went online, we never imagined would receive such a great response in a short time. I think we proudly can say, that we brought some people to pay attention to the football in Thailand. Just last month a German groundhopper visited eight matches. Not least thanks to us.

Within a year time, combined with our English site, we published more than 300 articles. That means nearly one each day. About 150 readers getting their daily dose of Thai football from our website. The time which we spent for our website, is an issue which we don't like to bring into account. But we wish it could be more, unfortunately a day is limited to 24 hours only.

Right from the start we where looking for the direction which we could go, and it took time until we found the right style. However I believe that we found the right way in the meantime. Even though there is always plenty of room to improve. And that's one of the reasons we will use the off-season to look for improvements and to make the reading experience more comfortable for you. Basically we will keep the layout of the website, and if possible make only a few slide changes. The latest version of our software we are running on is actually in beta status. Latest by end of this year we hope to be on the latest release.

Despite seasons end is close, there is no time for us to relax. A lot of ideas will be converted and interesting articles be written, besides Asian Games and AFF Suzuki Cup are ahead of us. So stay tuned and we hope you stay in touch with us.

In this sense, after the season is before the season....sincerely lokomotive.

PS: Suggestions, criticism, hints and feedback in any kind are always welcome. Just get in touch with us via mail: info at
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