Now in stores: The new Thai national team jersey

Thai National Team Thai national team kit

Details of the Grand Sport shirt

Introduced last week Monday, since the 25 October available in stores. The new jerseys of the Thai national teams supplied by Grand Sport. We introduce the new working clothes to you and what you need to know about.

Usually when it comes to introducing a new national team kit, a big stage is set, there is a big fuss about and mainly the senior footballing team is lunching it to public. However, owned by the short time which remained for Grand Sport  facing the forthcoming Futsal World Cup, this was not an option here. Although there was an official press conference, it was on to the Futsal national team to present it first.

If one considers the Thai manufacturer had just a few weeks and created a unique design, while, for example, Chonburi FC just had the option to select his 2012 Nike just from a range of bog-standard shirts, one may be rather contented with the result.

Like Managing Director Thara Pluchcha-oom betrayed us the new jersey of the national team should be available throughout Thailand. Bottlenecks like during the last five years under Nike is not to be expected. Since 25 October the shirts are available in stores, at least in the branches of the Thai supplier. So then for the beginning, this should be the first place for you to look for a buy. The price is 795 Baht.

Thai national team shirt

Details of the Grand Sport shirt

Though at first glance the printed logos and writings look like the same on a cheep forgery, the used material on the original shirt is silicone. Some fans had hoped to a see a return to the roots with the FA logo replacing the known logo with the elephant. However, at least, it attracted attention by the designers and so it is placed on top of the left shoulder. The pattern which runs across the material is symbolising a V for Victory.

Inside the collar you can find the lettering "Thai of national team" in Thai letters. Directly under it, the outlines of Thailand can be find filled with  characters as well. This one is some sort of a blood oath more or less saying "Imbued with the blood of the Thai nation." Another prove Thais like it martial.

At right bottom side, you can find the commonly Branding, how one knows it also from FBT and other Grand Sport shirts, for example, the one of Muang Thong. The new Thai national team shirt is available in Blue and Red.

It is carried by all national teams, no matter whether Futsal or football, for a year first. Then there should be a new model. Presumably suitably to the next South-East Asia games in December, 2013.

Also at this place, we like to appeal: Buy the original one and do not waste your money on a copy. This article should also help you to distinguish a fake from an original. And 795 Baht are not that much for foreigners like us. More on how to shop original jerseys in Thailand and avoiding a copy can be found in our article "Buying a football shirt in Thailand - a guidance" from 2011.
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