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At the beginning of the year and before the start of the new season, we have a little gift for you. A calendar. Sounds not much at first glance and is certainly not causing a WOW effect, but let us have a look it.

The idea to provide you with a calendar with all sort of dates and frame schedule of a Thai football year here at Thai-Fussball already exist for a while. And now thanks to the modern technology we eventually could implement the calendar for your convenient use. The calendar is based on Google's Calendar app, which makes him functional and usable everywhere in the world.

On the calendar which we have integrated here on our webpage, you can switch between the weeks and month overview. The tab schedule/agenda, displays all the events in a list for you. And he is also preset to the time in Bangkok. Depending on the setting of your browser, and depending on the browser itself, the view may vary.

But, of course you don't need to constantly have a look at the calendar here on our page to stay up to date. You can use the calendar across different platforms and devices. By using the links provided below the calendar you should be easily able to integrate the calendar to almost anywhere on your end. No matter whether you are using Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Mozilla's Sunbird calendar or Outlook on Windows. Or you simply adding the calendar to your Google account by pressing the "+ Google Calendar" at the bottom right. Only the integration on the Clould-based Windows 10 calendar did not quite work for us.

So if you have clicked on the "+ Google Calendar" button, you should be redirected to your account at Google, where you will be asked whether you want to add our calendar. Have you confirmed that, you can find our calendar and all dates under the section "Other calendars" under the name: "Thai Football Calendar by".

To get all the data on your mobile devices such as Smartphone or tablet, you must now head to the calendar settings of the device, where our calendar should appear now. You must have enabled synchronization and all data should be there. Should our calendar does not immediately be seen on your devices, wait you may have to wait a couple of hours after you have added it using your Google account.

After everything is set up, the calendar displays the kick-off times according to the time zone where you are located. Are you in Thailand the local kick-off times are available, for example for the Supercup on 20 February. You want to know what time the international match Iraq - Thailand starts in your area? Also not a problem. The calendar automatically adjusts it to your time zone. In addition we have entered the places of a tournament, a game, which appears with a click on the event and even in Google maps.

Tournaments such as for example the upcoming AFC U-23 championship appear as a continuous, all day, event. The individual games then accordingly on the day. A click on the respective event shows you exactly when the game will take place and where. And there is also a small description.

The nice thing of the calendar is that you don't need to be bothered with doing any update. Because we do it for you. And once we have made a change on a fixture or a date, it will change automatically on your end and is visible for you.

Currently, the calendar is still not complete, because accurate data for various tournaments which take place later in the year, or for the TPL and the Regional League, up on the first weekend, are not fixed yet. Once we have it we will update appropriately.

Finally here again the link to our calendar on this Web site: Thai football calendar

If you are rather a non-techy or like to keep it the old-school way, you are of course free to pen down the dates to your notebook.
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