Muang Thong United v Chonburi - The big match in May 2010 - A Report

Off the pitch - Report

A packed Stadium

After last weeks top match among Chonburi FC and Bangkok Glass, the next one was on our schedule. With the likes of Chonburi FC and Muang Thong United, the Champion and Vice Champion of the last season clashed together. Due to the red shirts rally in spring time the match was postponed and unexpectedly we came into the benefit of this match.

The match between those two clubs promised a lot. A new ground record for the TPL, many goals and an electrifying atmosphere. We made ourselves on the way at the early afternoon. Around 3 o'clock we arrived at the stadium. A trade fair center is located close to the stadium with some Bars and Restaurants. We had an appointment there with some users from our website. But we had to wait first to get our tickets, which rode along in another coach. Unfortunately it took as about one hour until we got them finally. Nevertheless we still found the time to meet the guys. However, we met Greg from the Muang Thong Fanblog and Tobi from the 4Sups Chonburi there as well.

After a short “hello” we ordered a beer all together. While a call from Dale reached me. He informed us that the awayblock was already completely packed. And there was still one hour to go. But we kept calm and enjoyed our drinks. 25 minutes before kick off, we went on our way to the stadium. After a short while we arrived and we had to admit that Muang Thong did a great job with the Yamaha Stadium. Everything was labeled very well and the security forces was as such to be recognized. As Dale informed us already before, indeed the awayblock was really packed. We where looking for a propper place, and choosed one right behind the goal. Just among some hard core supporters from Chonburi. Opposite to us, the Muang Thong Ultras had their place. Just before kick off they impressed with a scarf parade over the whole block. A few ladies and gentleman from the Premier League sponsor "Sponsors" where sitting at the mainstand.

Muang Thong United
is celebrating a goal

While nearly everybody in the stadium was wearing team colours in Blue or Red, they showed up in yellow. Unfortunately it disturbed the general impression in the stadium. As it turned out later, we have been part of a record breaking game in TPL history. Never before, around 20.000 spectators attended a TPL match. Among them were also about 3000 fans from Chonburi. Just after a few minutes they had something to celebrate. An own goal on the side of Muang Thong brought up front. However, Muang Thong leveled after 32 minutes. And with a draw both teams went into the cabins. Particularly in the second half time the fans saw a real good match. The hosts where able to create some pressure and put some more speed into their moves. Consequentially they took the lead in the 52 minute of the game. It became now noticeably calmer in the guests stand, and while the game went on, they had not much to cheers or smile for. Even Chonburi still got their chances, mostly Kawin Thammasatchanan knew how to keep the goal clean in the second half. He proved once more, why he is up-to-date the best goal keeper of Thailand. The reigning champion however uses his chances and won at the end by 4:1. When Koné Mohamed scored for Muang Thong he probably forgot, which kit he wore. The former Chonburi player celebrated right in front of the guests. After the match Kone worn a Chonburi kit, which he obviously got from one of his opponent players. While applauding the away fans, he started to kiss the badge on the kit. Heavy-handed as we thought.

On the way to our meeting point I heard someone call my names and I got a hit onto my shoulder. Completely surprisingly Pongsakorn Tantajanya alias George stood beside me. We knew each other so far only from the Internet and some attempts to meet us failed so far. The more surprised we were to met us here. Unfortunately there was not much time for a chat. So we took the chance to make a picture. George than presented a set with stickers of Khon Kaen FC to me, for which he is working as marketing manager. Arrived on our agreed meeting point, we ran into a group of Sisaket supporters. We could not find out why they came here. There was not any game scheduled of their club for the next day in Bangkok.

Goektan is paying a visit

The big match held everything which it promises before. It was really an amazing atmosphere in and around the stadium. The Yamaha stadium definitely is one of the best in Thailand. In terms of security and organization. It is really worth to have a visit there. No question for us, we come back.
A short notice a side. As we got informed later on, Berkant Goektan, was in the Stadium and attended the match. The German/Turk striker is under contract with Muang Thong since the beginning of the Season. But did not appeared at least in one match on the pitch. 

As usual, the pictures from the match can be found in our gallery.
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