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Khon Kaen FC stadium will be fully renovated during the next months. The City of Khon Kaen will host the 40 National Games in 2011 and therefore the stadium needs an upgrade and to be renovated.

It couldn't turn out better than that for Khon Kaen FC. A possible promotion to Thai Premier League and a freshly renovated stadium. Sure the TPL  Division 1 just went on into the 2nd Leg of the season. But Khon Kaen actually is sitting in a comfortable 3rd place at the moment. Promotion is still possible and in the clubs own hand. It is scheduled, to finish the upgrade in April 2011. That would be right on time for the start of the Thai Premier League Season 2011.

The overall budget for the whole project is about 2.5 Million Euro. A positive aspect for the club, it may cost them nearly nothing. Because the money will come from the government mainly. Among other things, the natural pitch will be replaced by an artificial turf. New Floodlights will be installed with 600-800 Lux of light power and the main stand will get plastic seats. As we further got informed by the club, the capacity will increase to 8.500. Actually the stadium is able to host 4.000 attendances.
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