Futsal World Cup: Huamark to replace Bangkok Futsal Arena

Futsal World Cup 2012 Indoor Stadium in Huamark

Indoor Stadium in Huamark

Few weeks ago we visited the construction site of the new Bangkok Futsal Arena. At that time the arena was still in the shell construction, as we previously reported, and still is. Our worry the venue could not finish in time, unfortunately found his confirmation.

Friday last week, FIFA officially informed that the new arena will be not available for the group stage. At earliest she will be ready from 14 November, so from the knock-out stage, onwards. After the building site and the area around has been inspected by officials, the FIFA Futsal Committee with conjunction of the local organising committee (LOC) and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) agreed to revise the schedule. In particular it means that the Bangkok Indoor Stadium in Huamark, which is next to the Rajamangala Stadium, will replace the main venue of the Futsal World Cup 2012.

The official statement for the construction delay read as follows: "Construction on the site was initially delayed as a consequence of the heavy rains in October 2011 that crippled parts of the city and resulted in severe flooding. The BMA had planned to hand over the Bangkok Futsal Arena on 21 October, but another period of heavy rain in recent weeks - which has once again caused flooding in many parts of Bangkok - has slowed down the final stages of construction. With meteorologists currently also monitoring both a typhoon and a tropical storm in the region, the decision to provide more time for the completion of the Bangkok Futsal Arena has been taken to ensure the safety of construction workers on-site." So far so good, and to be honest, it can't be taken serious and can only be put in the categorie: "face palm". Every one living in or around Bangkok must see it as a  joke. Espacially if one consider the really really heavy floods from last year, where a lot of people lost their homes.

However, on 25 October FIFA will finally decide, whether the arena can be used at least for the quarters and semi-finals, as well as the final.

For those who have already acquired tickets for games at Bangkok Futsal Arena, there is no need to worry. Tickets remain valid and can be used for the same games at Huamark quite normally. In addition, Thai ticket major, responsibly for the sales, calls everybody personally and is informing about.

While obviously for the rest of the world the "face Palm" card is played, heavy criticism can be heard domestically. Thus the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Sports, Naruemon Siriwat, raises her voice in saying: "If the Bangkok Futsal Arena is not completed on time, it will be a disaster for Thailand as a host country." Furthermore she openly name and shame the advertising measures of the LOC. "I also think the tournament has not been promoted properly. The tournament is less than a month away and the public knows very little about it." One must praise so honest much criticism.

For Thai FA president Worawi Makudi - he may do not mind much about since the Bangkok Futsal Arena originates in the surroundings of tracts of land, which belong to him as revealed by several investigative journalists. After completion these mights see an increase in value. Especially if one considers that the city of Bangkok plans to expand the city in the direction of Nong Chork during the coming years.

However, for Thailand the disaster around the arena probably mean just one thing. For any important FIFA tournaments, after the Futsal World Cup, the FA is trying to apply in future, she provably will fail.

Here you can find the revised and offical schedule as PDF.
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