Chonburi FC vs Bangkok Glass FC - A Report

Off the pitch - Report and 4 Englishman
(c) Sukanya Potten

The match between Chonburi and Bangkok Glass, looked to be the first one on our recent stay in Thailand. Unfortunately the Thai FA had different plans. The game took place on the 23rd of May instead of the 22nd. Therefore it was our second match we visited. And not the first one as planned originally. The anticipation wasn't less either.  It was a joyful reunion with old friends.

At this time Chonburi was ranked top of the table followed by Bangkok Glass in second place. As we knew that the match will be sold out, reserved our tickets already in advance. The last time we've seen Chonburi play was in October 2008 vs Samut Songkhram. Chonburi that used to play at the Princess Sirindhorn Stadium in Siracha. Since 2010 the freshly renovated IPE Stadium is the new home ground of Chonburi FC.

We parked our car close to the Stadium, while on our way we could spot the office of the Chonburi FA. The FA plays a key role in the local Vision Asia Thailand project, started by the Asian FA. After we passed the office, the mainf ront of the stadium pricked into our eyes. The mainfront of the stadium was decorated with a big picture. Showing some  players of the Club. "Power of the Blues" was written in big letters. There was no chance to overlook it. Finally we stood in front of the stadium. While we where discussing what to do next, we met Andrew Potten, the eventually BG-Man, and his kind wife. 

Main entrance at the IPE Stadium

The sun was really cracking our heads, and it was still one hour to go until kick off. Therefore we decided to have a look for some refreshments in form of beer. On the way we met Tobi from the Chonburi "4Sups" Fanclub. A german guy which I got introduced to way back in 2008. But during this stay, our way did not crossed for the last time. However, we picked him up and moved on. A short stop at the Fanshop was a must and we went in. The Shop is really small and was packed that time.  There is only on entrance and you need to make your way through the shop top get to the exit. Right outside the exit, you are able to flock-coating you're freshly bought kit. It was not in our minds, because we already owned a kit. Stepping out of the shop,  finally we saw all those shops selling food and drinks. And there where a lot. Officially there was no beer sold around and in the stadium. But Thailand would not be Thailand, if there is no way to break rules. Wee got our drinks and close to the stadium we found a cosy place. While having hour drinks, we where starting to chat about this and that. Of course we where talking about the recent events and about football. It was really nice to start holidays in that way.  Being together with old friends, right in the prospect of a top-game while having one beer or two.

Chonburi Fans in action

Right before the kick we made our way into the stadium. On our way, we have seen a lot of Bangkok Glass supporters without a ticket, and sitting in the bus. Being inside the stadium, it was packed as expected. For us it meand we had to take a place right behind the ad board. What a deja vu for us. In 2008, we also stood behind an ad board together with Phil. Same as now. Right before the kick-off and not only than, there was a great atmosphaere all around the stadium. The game of the first half was just brilliant and nice to watch. High level football, with a great technique. Espacially that first half proofed that Thai football essentially can be more than football on 3rd or 4th class level. To our regret, Sutee Suksomkit wasn't on the pitch from the begining on the visitors side. We really where looking forward to see him play. Chonburi went up front right after 11 minutes. Ekaphan Inthasen scored for the homeside.  Right behind us, a new Chonburi flag starts to spread over all heads. At the half our mark, Pipob On-Mo, the skipper of Chonburi, went down in the penality area. Pipob was substituted with a shoulder injurie. So it was up to Therdsak Chaiman to extand the lead. And he converted comfortably. The away block turned into silence, but just for a few minutes. Before halftime the guest where able to close the gap. Chatree Chimtalay hitted the net for Bangkok Glass. Down by ten, Chonburi really had problems to make the game in the second half. BGFC created a lot of chance in the second half and was the dominating team, but failed to score.

While we where waiting outside, to get everybody collected together, I spotted a bunch of people right at the main entrance. I went there and realized that the players may soon have to pass bye. Indeed, just a few minutes later the lads from Chonburi FC passed the barrier. All the fans now got their chance to took some pics and got some autographs. Mainly we where looking for Sutee, but we couldn't got a snapshot of him.  Therefore we got to see the Michael Byrne, on of the stars of Chonburi FC, and the Thai Premier League. It was not the last time we faced him during our stay.

It was time to go back home. And on the way to our car, we met Klaus (Lulu).  He is a member of the 4Sups as well as Tobi. He was sitting on the backside of a pickup. On our way back home, we faced a heavy rain coming down. Myself couldn't imagine to sit on the backside of a pick up while heavy rain falling down. Heading up the highway. Well, exactly two weeks later I nearly made the same experience. Sitting on the backside of a pick up, rolling down the highway with 130 km/h on the way back home from Rayong. ....but without any rain. :) 

All picutures can be found in our gallerie as usual.
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