Bangkok Glass wins Thai FA Cup 2014

Thai League Cup and FA Cup Lazarus Kaimbi

Lazarus Kaimbi celebrates
image: Bangkok Glass FC

One single goal, late in the Thai FA Cup Final 2014 was enough for Bangkok Glass to win their first, much longed for , major domestic title. Chonburi who have missed out the TPL title a few days ago, left empty-handed again.

Bangkok Glass did it. The club is 3 million Baht richer and thanks to a goal of Lazarus Kaimbi, can put an important domestic trophy in his, nearly, yawning empty trophy cabinet for the first time. The Queen's Cup which the Rabbits could win in 2010 (and today is no more held) finally, gets some company. In addition Bangkok Glass grabbed a sport for the Play-offs to the AFC Champions League next year. Provided, the AFC confirms three slots for Thailand at the end of the month.

The win in the cup final over Chonburi FC, which could win the trophy in 2010, is a bit surprising if we look at Glass' domestic performance in the Thai Premier League. However, is not undeserved all together.

With the TPL season just finished on 2 November, Bangkok Glass had a defensive record of 65 conceded goals in 38 games and it made them the 3rd worst defense this year. While their opponent in the final, Chonburi, conceded only 33 what made them the second best defense after Buriram United. These two defence rows had to face massive offensive power, which is why in the approach to the final, it could not be assumed that only one goal would decide the game at the end.

But wait. To some surprise Chonburi rested his most prolific striker, Thiago Cunha (20 goals) on the bench. Instead, the strike force was formed of Pipob On-Mo and Mineiro. With Tasevski, Kaimbi and Iljoski Glass fielded three players in his starting line-up which together have scored 29 goals in the TPL and could even afford to leave Okubo (11 goals) on the bench. What a luxury.

Bangkok Glass could register the first chances of the game. But middle of the first half Chonburi FC got in control of the action and should have scored at least one goal from its chances. However, Narit Taweekul between the sticks knew how to preserve his team from a deficit. Significantly his great save when he tipped Adul Lahso's a long range effort over the bar.

Despite substitute Cunha, who came on in the 64' minute and will leave the club for Japan, the Sharks remained toothless for most of the second half. Maybe an earlier substitution of Therdsak Chaiman would have done well for the 2010 FA Cup champion. He came on in the 85' minute and Chonburi's attacking play stepped up.

Masahiro Wada & Worrawut Srimaka

Gone: Wada & Srimaka

Maybe Masahiro Wada simply waited too long or on the right moment to bring on Therdsak. Since the further the clock ticked down, the more one got used to the idea of extra time. Wada also? Did he planned to bring on the 41 yerar old midfielder with the first half of extra time? We do not know it. And if it should have been really the case, his plans have been upset with the 80' minute. It was the minute in which the Namibian international Kaimbi decided the game. He took advantage of a slapstick comedy action performed by the Chonburi defense and scored for the goal of the night with his third big chance of the game.

Apparently Chonburi FC wanted to renew Masahiro Wada's contract. But is was before the night of the final and before the "Coach of the Year" threw in the towel. Unexpected to everyone and his team. He was cited with "Family reasons" as explanation for his resignation. We remember, Scott Cooper left Buriram United in 2013 for similar reasons. Not enough, Wada's assistant coach Worrawut Srimaka submitted his resignation this week as well.

While the performance of Chonburi during the 2014 cup final is raising some questions as well as about the line-up and the sudden resignation of Wada, Bangkok Glass proved to be a worth winner of the Thai Fa Cup 2014, eliminating Buriram United as well as Muang Thong on the way to the final, and beating the Sharks in the final.

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