AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 - Semi-final sold out

AFF Suzuki Cup Thailand - Philippinen bereits ausverkauft

Sold-out semi final

[update] The 1st leg of the semi-final tie between the Philippines and Thailand on 6 December was not even kicked off, there was it announced that the return fixture in Bangkok is sold-out. And it took only three days.

On last week Monday tickets went to advance sale via Thai Ticket Major and while the North-Stand was reported sold-out on Tuesday morning, in the evening almost all other stands were sold-out too. The remaining tickets eventually were sold within Wednesday.

This is noteworthy in such respect, as the match will not be played in the centre of Bangkok at the Supachalasai with a capacity for 21,000. Rather in the Rajamangala which can hold up-to 50,000 spectators. Also the Rajamangala is less easily accessible with no Skytrain connection and the Ramkhamhaeng Road is known for its notorious traffic in the evening hours.

Two years ago when Thailand co-hosted the AFF Suzuki Cup, Thailand faced the Azkals of the Philippines in the group stage and played in front of an almost empty backdrop in the big bowl located in Hua Mak. Later in the semi-finals against Malaysia some empty seats could be spotted in the Supachalasai, especially in the corners, and only the Final against Singapore could be considered as sold-out.

With the beginning of 2013 the Thai national team could hardly attract big crowds. Most recent games have been played in front of 1,000 or maybe 2,000 people. The last time the Rajamangala was filled to its capacity, almost, was in 2011 against Saudi Arabia in a World Cup qualifier. At that time officially 42,000 made it to the game. But as far as we remember, a lot of complimentary tickets were given away.

A reason for the quick sellout of the game against the Philippines may lie in the fact that each person could buy 6 tickets. Other reasons in the suddenly reawoken interest may also to be find in the team's recent display and good results at the Asian Games, although achieved against weaker sides. The sparkling aura of head coach and national hero Kiatisuk Senamuang and his young team is also not to be underestimated. And not a few probably expected a walk in the park for the Thais after they could beat their semi-final opponent 3-0 in a friendly in November. Event fans? Glory hunters? Yes absolutely. Also. Who knows the Thais, however, also knows, how much national pride they carry in themselves. To rank below 160 in the world one thing. Not to be the number one in South-East Asia, another.

If you couldn't grab a ticket, but you are nearby and planned to go, you should do it nevertheless. Among the ticket buyers, this shows the experience, are always scalpers. So to get a ticket at the stadium shouldn't really be a problem. And to experiance a packed Rajamangala is a rare opportinity.

At the end we would like to give a few advices for the visiting fans. Namely fans of the Azkals. If you stay around Sukhumvit area, arrange enough time. Sure you could grab a taxi directly to the venue. But due expected traffic not really an option. You better go to your nearest BTS or MRT station and travel to Ramkhamhaeng Station. From there you either could take a motorbike-taxi or a cab down the road to the Stadium. The motorbike will be the faster opion of course.

The best thing for sure, would be to have an accommodation near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 22, and there are plenty of to find. From there it is a 15 minutes walk, and you don't need to be bothered by the traffic. To take a taxi from Hua Mak to Sukhumvit for shopping or partying should not be a problem.

Another option to travel to the stadium, if you don't get sea-sick is to use a boat up Khong Saen Saep. The channel and the jetty is across the street from the stadium and can be found on Google Maps.

[update] Thai FA have released a list with items and things not allowed to take into the Rajamangala. The list herinafter contains: Drugs and alcohol, bottles and cans, flares, Dangerous weapons, tripods/selfie sticks, some types of DLSR camera, videos, flagpoles. Nothing against now bringing selfie sticks with you, as people should concentrate on the match rather than playing with their smartphones or tablets. But all other points look like as if the Thai FA aims for a clean stadium atmosphere like in Spains La Liga or the EPL. Not surprising at all if one looks at the rules implemented earlier for the Thai Premier League and Division 1.

There will be a special ticket booth for traveling fans from the Philippines as Cedelf Tupas revealed:

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