AFC Cup: Can Chonburi climb the moutain?

In a game what can be considered as the most important one for Chonburi FC on continental stage, the club will have a mountain to climb. It is necessary to overcome a three goal deficit if the club want to make dreams come through. With several players injured, the situation is anything but good.

48 minutes were played when captain Pipob On-Mo equalized in the first leg. An away goal, what more could one want? The chances of moving on after the return match seemed rosy with the score line and an away goal in hands. However, it latest only a few second with Iran international Amjad Radhi, who already provided for the half-time lead, scoring again. Even a 2-1 would have been a good result for the Thai representative and they could have went optimistically into the game in front of their own supporters two weeks later. If only, well if just Suttinan Phuk-hom would not have pushed the ball over the line in his own net. A quarter of an hour before the end, Arbil, which fielded a total of seven internationals, succeeded a fourth goal. Admittedly, the Sharks did not field less internationals though.

Now it is on to climb the mountain and make the impossible possible. Therefore coach Witthaya Hloagune has spared several regulars during the league tie against Bangkok Glass last weekend and more or less fielded second string players. Nevertheless, there some injury worries torment him before the return match with Anucha Kitpongsri, Natthaphong Samana, Kietprawut Saiwaew and Arthit Sunthornpit all nursing injuries. On a positive note, striker Tiago Cunho is to return. He had to sit out the first tie due suspension and with his Hat-trick in the quarter-final against Al-Shorta he was the key on Chonburi's way to the semis.

At the press-conference on Monday Chonburi's coach showed confidence. "I always think in positive way and hopefully we can score some goals using all of our spirit and taking advantage of the chances that we can create. We will fight tomorrow in the best way that we can."

Reaching the final, is the clubs last chance to lift a trophy, in a so far untitled season, and the only chance to appear on continental level in 2013.

After the first leg result the sharks are almost left with only one option anyhow. To attack from the beginning. To hope for an early goal and be solid in defense. That Chonburi can win the match, is realistic. Whether, one is able to overcome three goals at the end is rather doubtfully.

If you want to follow Chonburi's uphill battle, true Sport 3 is covering the encounter, and the game kicks off at 19:00 local time.
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