Thai FA Cup Final 2017

City: Bangkok
Venue: Suphachalasai stadium
Capacity: 21.000
Kick-off: 19:00
record champion
Raj-Pracha FC 5x
Bangkok Bank FC 4x
Royal Thai Airforce FC 3x
prize money
5.000.000 Million Baht
the cup

the finalists 2017
Chiang Rai United
Bangkok United

Chiang Rai

1988 (as Bangkok University)


Thai Champion 2006

head coach
Alexander Gama
head coach
Mano Pölking

With 4-2-4 the record between the two sides is pretty even. Both have never met in any cup competition so far. During the 2017 season each side lost their respective home game. In 2016 Bangkok United staged a win on both legs.

road to final
(H) BTU United (9-0)
(A) Sukhothai FC (0-1)
(H) BEC Tero Sasana (3-1; aet)
(H) Buriram United (1-0)
(N) Muang Thong (2-2; 8-7 pen)

(A) Chiang Rai City (1-5)
(H) Nakhon Ratchasima (3-0)
(H) Port FC (5-1)
(A) Suphanburi FC (0-1; aet)
(N) Chiang Mai United (3-0)

the duel

Alexander Gama (49)
born: 3 January 1968
position: head coach
played for: no idea
characteristics: nothing special

Alexandre "Mano" Pölking (41)
born: 12. March 1976
position: head coach
played for: SV Darmstadt 98
characteristics: doesn't like to sort water bottles on the touchline

short facts

The 2017 Thai Fa Cup Final is not only about who is wining the trophy. It's also about who earns the right to play the qualifiers of the AFC Champions League 2018.

Alexander Gama did won the last Thai FA Cup Final, played in 2015, when he was in charge of Buriram United. For Mano Pölking, now the longest-serving head coach of a side in the Thai League, it could be the first trophy as head coach.

With Manuel Bihr, Alexander Sieghart und Chinedu Ede Bangkok UNited have three players in the squad with a German Passport. Not enough, with Physio Andy Schillinger and sporting director Ernst Middendorp there are even two more Germans working for the club.

With 97 goals scored during the 2017 season, Bangkok United is the most attacking side in Thailand's pro-football. On the other hand, having conceded 57 over course of the 2017 season, Bangkok United isn't known for having the best defense. However, Dragan Boskovic scored 38 goals in the league and won the "Golden Boot" award as Thailand's best scorer.

Both Brazilian coaches know how to beat each other. Although the head-to-head record of 4-2, speaks slightly for Gama.

When Mano Pölking is starting count and sort water bottles near the touchline, things are serious. It means, things aren't  going well for his team and the opposite side should watch out. It could be time for "Mano-Time". A time Bangkok United is known for to turn results around in their favor. Nevertheless, Bangkok United is also known for giving away points during the last minutes of a game.

final result


Published on: Saturday, November 18 2017 (1347 reads)
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