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Who we are:

The idea of was born in 2009 and we went online in October the same year. Due to technical reasons we had to move away from in December 2011 and we found a new home on since.

Over recent years many internet platforms have published our articles and interviews which we are very proud of. German football magazine "11Freunde" and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) just to name.

Very recently we contributed to the official book of the FIFA Women's World Cup and the preview from the "The Women's Game" / "Equalizer Soccer"with doing our part on review Thailand.

Our intention:

We like to help to raise the awareness for Thai football in the world. To make it become familiar for a wider audience. No matter if it is about youth football, women's football or even Futsal. Every year a lot of tourists with passion for football spending their holidays in Thailand, probably without knowing, professional football is played in this country. Surely, same goes on for foreign residents.

Chonburi supporters

Thananuwat Srirasant

The atmosphere around a football match in Thailand can be an unique experience for you, from what you have experienced at home. Experiences you may never forget. Albeit you should not forget and consider, that football in Thailand is still on a developing stage. This also is one point we like to convey.

We are not bound to any institution in Thailand and we consider us independent. However, our independence is one of the reason we reserve us the right to criticize and to talk frankly in hope certain things may change.

We do not see us as as a tabloid or a news page which we don't like to be one side and can't be on the other side, as we simply do not have the same resources. Rather we like to bring you Thai football closer in a way of an online-magazine. A mixture out of latest results, information, articles and interviews with coaches, players and officials.

Contact us:

Feel free to send us an email at all time via: info [at]

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